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Pharmacy Space Management

DID YOU KNOW.? A well-managed space of your pharmacy can attract more customers, can reduce your operation costs, prevents out of stocks and most importantly, increases your financial performance. Space management is one of the major pillar which determines the […]

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How we can improve sales in your Pharmacy.!

DID YOU KNOW.? Research shows that your pharmacy can do at least 15% better if you have a good, productive and marketing oriented pharmacy layout? Our multidisciplinary approach in the design and its features allows you to enhance the communication […]

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Introducing #Millennials to your Pharmacy

The world is moving fast, turning every seconds to “past tense” so are those years we have lived, Past has taught us a lot and we learned a lot over those years and built a new world for a better […]

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An Introduction about Category Management of retail stores and Pharmacy

Category Management for Pharmacy: An Introduction Category management in retails has evolved as a response to address the problems associated with the entire demand and supply operation sequence, it has evolved, as the consumers are changing it continues to evolve. […]

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