The world is moving fast, turning every seconds to “past tense” so are those years we have lived, Past has taught us a lot and we learned a lot over those years and built a new world for a better tomorrow. Things are now being handed over to a new generation and the way the world runs is completely different from how it used to be, in case if you are wondering how the world use to run without tablets and smartphone, I would recommend you to the subscribe BBC Radio4 Melvyn Bragg’s in our time podcasts.

Little Runaway Architects millennials

2015 is the year considered to be the year of generational transition, every industry including the future of your pharmacy lies in the way you are seen by this generation who are numbered to be more than a billion – Generation Y. The world has never seen such a strongest generation ever before and never was a time we were all so well connected to work as one driving force facing challenges like global warming or eradicate poverty and fatal diseases. We’re talking about the Millennials – The generation united the human’s as Global citizens.

First question to ask now is, who are these millennials, where on earth do they live?

It might be you or you children the girl or the boy living next door, in my case, I, myself is a millennial and we are living around you, Demographically, current (2016) young people aged between 18 and 34 are identified as millennials and our annual buying power is estimated only in the US as $200 billion.

Growing up in the digital world, we have influence over older generations and are trendsetters across all industries. We are poised to reshape the economy and our ways of buying and selling are forcing the companies to reevaluate how to do business for decades to come.


the visibility of your pharmacy in your community and online to the new audience – Millennials.!

From advertising techniques to buying habits the world is no longer how it used to be, Forbes has recently listed a set of finding about us as consumers.

1. We aren’t influenced at all by advertising.

2. We review blogs before making a purchase

3. We value authenticity as more important than content.

4. Our future inheritance won’t change our buying behavior.

5. We are brand loyal and we want to engage with brands on social networks.

6. We want to co-create products with companies.

7. We expect companies to give back to society.

These findings shows very clearly that the art of selling does not just rely on the product you sell and the customer friendly staffs you have in your pharmacy, pharmacy business has to be redefined..!

So, What are you doing to attract our generation? In a better way, what are you doing in your pharmacy that is making us to ignore you?