A well-managed space of your pharmacy can attract more customers, can reduce your operation costs, prevents out of stocks and most importantly, increases your financial performance.

Space management is one of the major pillar which determines the sales of your pharmacy , customer behavior inside the shop and shapes the overall customer’s shopping experience inside your pharmacy.

Many times , pharmacists like you believes, the more products you display in the retail space – the more you sell but this concept is old and is no longer valid to 2016, this makes your pharmacy look-alike warehouse.

What is the level of your team when it comes to Space management?
Needs Improvement?


There are limitations for the products to be displayed in order to make your costumers feel relaxed while shopping – there are human emotions involved in shopping, to make a person buy more than what S/he intends to buy you must make the atmosphere of your pharmacy more friendly and relaxing without straining or making it hard for your customer to find the product. Working with us will widen your prospective in space management and helps you to focus on the strategic and analytic considerations that will take your space managements to a new level and brings more successful business expansions in the near future.

Having at least one service inside your pharmacy gives additional value in your community and the ways to integrate services inside the retail area and there by promoting products related to the offered services is an art in which little runaway pharmacy design excels.


with space management:

  • Space Planning
  • Category Management
  • Enhancing Store Brands/Private Label
  • Assistance on Retail Operations
  • Assistance on Marketing
  • Online Marketing Assistance
  • Merchandising techniques

Another important feature to be considered in space management is how to deal with the display of different products in regards to profit margins and sales performance. Every product is important and needs to be displayed in your pharmacy, regardless of the profit it makes, the fact is, a good design can find itself a perfect place to display all kind of high profit margin products or star performers or low profit products with high demand. Space management must be considered thoroughly – and it has to be done in conjunction with historical sales data or the fore casted data. Our in-depth understanding of space management and the way we tie it with your business strategy and customer behavior can make your business model more successful.

we design pharmacies to create optimal retail space and thereby helping you to maximize the sales and improve customer satisfaction.
Our services enables you to increase returns from your two biggest investments – Pharmacy space and products.


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