Pharmacists want their pharmacy to attract customers and thereby assisting the customers to find the products they desire; motivate them to make planned, unplanned and impulse purchases, and ultimately providing the customers with enjoyable shopping experiences. To reach this goal your pharmacy should communicate with your market, constantly transmitting the good values of shopping in your pharmacy.
There are several ways through which your pharmacy can interact with your customers,

  • Brand Identity
  • Shopfront design
  • Store interior Design
  • Atmosphere and Merchandising display
  • Visual Merchandising
  • A question that pharmacists often ask is, whether the visual merchandising displays can be beneficial for their pharmacy to retain existing and to attract more new customers.?

    The answer is Yes, the Visual Merchandising does a big deal of business in the way you use in your pharmacy, in this article we are giving you a short description on
    “What are the factors involved in Visual Merchandising?”

    Visual merchandising communication process offers a great deal of communication between your pharmacy and your customer, it is a creative and effortless technique to provide information about products and services you offer to your customers. Proper and well organized visual merchandising displays can give positive sense of better and healthy living to the customer and encourages them to buy more products to improve their healthy lifestyle. If these displays are changed and the messages are improved very often you are giving your customers more options and advises for healthy lifestyle and thereby you are proving them a positive shopping experience and encouraging them to visit your pharmacy very often. This is how the visual merchandising displays created of products and customers in mind can attract more sales and long lasting relationships with the same customer.


    Findings of explorative researches and several analysis indicated that the visual merchandising displays guide consumers in the direction of the products they are seeking and it also guides their decisions by influencing their buying behaviour on a subconscious level based on the eminence of the visual merchandising displays.
    Successful visual merchandising displays have an effect on customer emotion; and these emotions drive the mood of the customer to buy so taking advantage of this human emotion can increase the sales in your pharmacy. The way products are displayed and promoted in your pharmacy can have a vast impact on customer responses and how much of sales you can have.

    will create the right atmosphere and context for you to sell more, while bad visual merchandising displays will work against your selling of product.

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