The strategies of shopping path inside the pharmacy changes over the course of time, the current strategy we recommend for our customer is Shopping Spine โ€“ This concept is the building block of our pharmacy design. Generally shopping paths inside the pharmacies are rigid and linear but shopping spine is a concept where the shopping path in the design layout is bold, flexible, smooth and free flowing which makes the shopping interesting and emotionally satisfying โ€“ Now, shopperโ€™s decision making is mostly by the emotional satisfaction they get while shopping in your store than the discounts you offer on the price.

In our ever changing world we all compete for its limitless opportunities,
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How you can seize your opportunity ?

Quality of the pharmacy is not defined by the location where your pharmacy is but by the Shopping comfort your pharmacy offers to your community, The comfort is defined by the nature of the shopping path, width of the shopping aisle and the simplicity to find the required product without efforts โ€“ These features defines the luxury and comfort of shopping in your pharmacy.
The simplicity in using latest technologies in everyday life for all our needs have transformed the human behaviour tremendously, this has affected the shopping behaviours of people around the developing and developed nations. The easiness to find the products and purchasing experience on Online shopping platforms put more pressure on pharmacy retailers to make the shopping easier even in the real brick and mortar stores.

we design pharmacies to create optimal retail space and thereby helping you to maximise the sales and improve customer satisfaction. Our services enables you to increase returns from your two biggest investments โ€“ Pharmacy space and products.

At pharmacies, urban customers are looking for the easiness of โ€œclick and collectโ€ so if your pharmacy layout make your customer to walk the whole pharmacy as traditionally advised by pharmacy consultants then you are certainly wrong and most probably your customer will not comeback to you once S/he finds a new pharmacy with much simpler shopping experience.
You will have all kinds of people coming to your pharmacy, All of their requirements are different so is their available time, so itโ€™s not really a good idea to make the people to walk all around the pharmacy and across all departments. The ideal solution to be the pharmacy for everyoneโ€™s need is : minimise the shopping distance and maximise the product visibility.

Shopping area of the pharmacy should contribute much to the overall vitality and interest of your city / community and help to make them attractive to residents and visitors alike. There is a close relationship between environmental quality and the success of your pharmacy. An attractive shopfront can convey an impression of good taste and quality environment; this is reflected in retail turnovers and commercial success whereas Poor-quality shopping environments experience a downward spiral of lack of confidence and investment and, ultimately, a lack of trade.

for everyday needs transformed the human shopping behaviours.
How you can simplify the shopping in your Pharmacy.?

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